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“GPEC has helped Advanced Technology Valves (ATV) to become a more established and reputed brand in the Oil and Gas sector. GPEC’s initial efforts during the first 12 months of representation paid off with a growth in revenue for the UK market of over 200%. With innovative thinking GPEC is helping ATV approach the market in new customer orientated ways.”

Enrico Sanguineti General Manager ATV SpA


GPEC Benefits

> Industry & Product Knowledge
> International Experience & Reputation
> Specific Application Knowledge
> Specialist Product Knowledge
> End to End Project Knowhow
> Key Customer Relationships

Industry News

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GPEC are delighted to announce further expansion of their principal portfolio

A.E.V produce and design a wide range of special industrial valves to meet the most stringent service conditions in the chemical, petrochemical, polymers, oil and gas and cryogenic industries. Based in Verviers, Belgium the AE Valves workforce combines 20 years of experience in most critical applications with strong expertise and knowledge in extreme services.

Advanced Engineering Valves developed the double eccentric “C” ball valve to revolutionize the cryogenic ball valve market for LNG. Innovative improvement in safety combines with enhanced performance to set the global benchmark for cryogenic ball valves. Full encapsulation of PCTFE in stainless steel protects seat from explosive failure. Cavity free means inherently bidirectional with modern top entry design which reduces weight by up to 30%.

Clearguard design, engineer and manufacture tapping point clearing devices, namely the ‘Auto Rodder’. Head Office based in Western Australia and now established in the United Kingdom, The Clearguard Autorodder was invented and developed with the assistance of field trials taking place in Australia and Scotland.

A worldwide patent was granted in 2001. Additional country specific patents have been achieved for USA, Canada, Australia and The Republic of South Africa with patents pending in the EU, India and elsewhere.

In 2007 some 1000 Autorodders had been manufactured and installed in process industries throughout the world with spectacular success. As well as eliminating any potential risks to technicians, the Autorodder prevents partially plugged tapping points and ports, improving safety, efficiency and process measurement accuracy. 

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