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Established in 2008, GPEC Limited proudly holds its place as the legacy company within the esteemed GPEC Group. At the core of our operations lies a commitment to representing world-class manufacturers, our Principal Partners, specializing in industrial engineered valves and static equipment for niche applications within specified territories.

Unlike other agencies and traders we are exclusively dedicated to our Principals in a territory, reflecting our core values of collaboration and long term partnership, ensuring we don’t have any conflict of interest. We believe that in remaining focused on our Principals in this way, we represent clarity to end customers, which ultimately delivers improved sales performance for our Principals.

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Harnessing our extensive international network, GPEC Limited equips our Principals with a wealth of local knowledge, robust sales representation, and invaluable market intelligence. This comprehensive support empowers our Principals to achieve increased penetration and sales of their products within the territories we serve.



Industries We Support

Commitment to Clarity

In a marketplace often saturated with competing interests, GPEC Limited shines as a beacon of clarity. Our exclusive dedication to Principals ensures transparency and simplicity for end customers. By remaining focused and unwavering in our commitment, we not only uphold our values but also contribute to the enhanced sales performance of our Principals.

  • Why choose GPEC over other consulting firms?

    GPEC is dedicated to fostering long-term partnerships, focusing exclusively on our principals within specific territories to avoid any conflicts of interest. This unique approach ensures clear representation and optimised solutions tailored to your project’s specific needs.

  • What makes GPEC's approach unique?

    Our integration within our Principals’ senior management and daily processes, combined with our focused representation, provides a level of clarity and dedication that drives success and value for all parties involved, setting us apart in the industry.

  • How does GPEC ensure quality and innovation?

    By strictly partnering with world-class manufacturers and leveraging our deep industry knowledge and international network, we introduce advanced technologies and engineered solutions that meet and exceed global standards.

  • Can GPEC help in niche industrial applications?

    Absolutely. Our specialisation in engineered valves and static equipment for niche applications means we can offer bespoke solutions for even the most specific or unusual requirements, ensuring your project benefits from the latest innovations.

GPEC Limited



GPEC has helped Advanced Technology Valves (ATV) to become a more established and reputed brand in the Oil and Gas sector. GPEC’s initial efforts during the first 12 months of representation paid off with a growth in revenue for the UK market of over 200%.

Enrico Sanguineti

General Manager ATV SpA

Through in-depth industry knowledge, GPEC is able to successfully develop and implement sales activities in the UK markets for Adams, resulting in increased sales revenue. This new revenue was a direct result of the activity implemented by the team at GPEC.

Maarten van Dijk

Branch Manager Adams Armaturen GmbH

The services that GPEC deliver for descote in both the UK and internationally has delivered significant sales growth support to descote. Their market and product knowledge is impressive, giving us assurance we have the best partner to drive our business forward in the UK.

Jean-Pierre Richer

President at descote SA