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Global Piping & Engineering Consultants


It is our company strategy to bring to the market a value proposition of internationally proven, advanced technologies and products to the attention of Senior Management across multiple disciplines at plant level and into Global EPC projects throughout the energy spectrum.

GPEC exclusively represent manufacturers (our Principal Partners) of industrial, engineered valves & static equipment for specialised and niche applications into exclusive agreed territories. Utilising our national & international network we provide our Principals with the local knowledge, sales representation and market intelligence needed to deliver increased penetration and sales of their products in these territories.

Our role is to also support the tender process, progressing that support when contract awards are given to the Principal Partner with Project Management Support.

About GPEC

Our History and Testimonials


► GPEC formed to represent a US based partner


► ATV, ADAMS, Descote signed up to the services of GPEC

► Louise Hilton joined GPEC

2012 to 2014

► GPEC became members of the BVAA

► Product portfolio was widened from just Valves to include Pressure Vessels & Expansion Joints and other engineered static equipment solutions

► Sean Gower started at GPEC


► GPEC continued to grow in terms of personnel and Manufacturers.

► Now a team of 5.


► ISO 9001 certified

► GPEC Supply Ltd started for trading purposes


► Lauren Gower hired as a Graduate

► GPEC moved to current offices

► GPEC emplyed Andy and Tony to look after IMI CCI Aftermarket


► GPEC started representing Vermeer

► GPEC currently a team of 7

► Representing 10 world class successful manufacturers 

Though in-depth industry knowledge GPEC is able to successfully develop and implement sales activities in the UK markets for Adams resulting in increased sales revenue. This new revenue was a direct result of the activity implemented by GPEC.

Maarten van Dijk - Branch Manager Adams Armaturen GmbH

The services that GPEC deliver for descote in both the UK and internationally has delivered significant sales growth support to descote. Their market and product knowledge is impressive giving us assurance we have the best partner to drive our business forward in the UK.

Jean-Pierre Richer - President at descote SA

GPEC has helped Advanced Technology Valves (ATV) to become a more established and reputed brand in the Oil and Gas sector. GPEC’s initial efforts during the first 12 months of representation paid off with a growth in revenue for the UK market of over 200%. With innovative thinking GPEC is helping ATV approach the market in new customer orientated ways.

Enrico Sanguineti - General Manager ATV SpA

Meet The Team

Scott Gower
Scott Gower
Company Director
Louise Hilton
Louise Hilton
Operations Director
Sean Gower
Sean Gower
Sales Manager
Andy Woodward
Andy Woodward
Business Development Manager
Tony Selby
Tony Selby
Business Development Manager
Lauren Gower
Lauren Gower
Sales Executive
Samantha Gower
Samantha Gower
Operations Executive
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