Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

GPEC partners offer a range of valves and controls across every stage of the hydrogen value chain, from production, storage, transportation and distribution, to use and application. Valve applications include:

  1. steam methane reforming
  2. partial oxidation
  3. pressure swing absorption
  4. carbon capture, utilisation & storage (CCUS)
  5. propane de-hydrogenation
  6. hydrogen liquefaction and liquid hydrogen carrier
  7. gas purification
  8. compressor anti-surge

We can also offer a complete bespoke hydrogen production skid, complete with PEM electrolyser stack from our partner IMI Remosa.

The carbon capture and storage sector is a focus of several GPEC partners, who have built up a R&D facilities and also produced valves and equipment for ongoing large-scale carbon capture projects.

Hydrogen & Carbon Capture