Our Services

Global Piping & Engineering Consultants

Our Services

GPEC are Global Piping and Engineering Consultants who offer excellent sales and industry knowledge in the selling and representation of our Principal’s products. GPEC operates globally and appreciates the requirements of different international customers and manufacturing partners. Focusing on our background of industrial engineered valve products with both technical and commercial acumen, GPEC is an exclusive representative for niche engineered valve products and piping accessories made by world class European and Western Hemisphere manufacturers. GPEC’s vision has always been to focus on quality and we work together with our exclusive Principals to ensure the highest standards are met for our end customers. GPEC provides consultancy services on a global level across the entire industrial valve spectrum, from Oil & Gas Exploration Production to Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Process, Nuclear, Power Generation and Steam management markets.

► Understanding the root cause of specific application difficulties

► Listening to the problems of the customer

► Providing proven advanced engineered solutions through new technologies for challenging applications

► Bespoke built to order engineered products

► Building relationships to offer future and continuous support

► Aftermarket service and support

► Outage/Turnaround planning

► Presenting cross-industry success of products that are effective in other markets that are proven through case studies and references.

► Assistance during enquiry/tender process through excellent, quick communication

► 50+ years engineering product and industry knowledge and expertise

GPEC Values & Beliefs

GPEC Services to our Principals

1. Tender Process Value Add

  • Add value at the front end of the tendering process through deep product and local knowledge.
  • To ‘fine tune’ the Principal’s proposition including quotes, proposals and collateral.

2. In-Country Support

  • Provide local language, interpretations & support.
  • In country / time zone support for customers.
  • We can be at any customers within a day (5 hrs) to be face to face.

3. Enquiry Evaluation

  • Deliver efficient and effective front end sales enquiry evaluation, buffering our Principals from time consuming customer interactions.
  • Handle customer communications and queries.

4. New Market Development

  • Through business development we locate new target markets and applications for our OEM’s products.

5. Customer Interface & Support

  • We provide a direct interface to the customer and a bridging support for the front end order process.

6. Market Analisys & Reports

  • Provide Local market and customer analysis, reports and primary research.
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